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I was born in Milwaukee, WI in December 16, 1946. I went to the public 8th street school in Milwaukee. My first memories of creating was in that school.

I've always been an artist and have been fascinated with and worked in three dimensional art. I loved the dioramas at the Milwaukee, WI Museum, which was my urban playground as a kid.

At 20, my first commission was a life size hammered bronze wall sculpture that still hangs in a church in West Allis, WI. The majority of my work over the next 30 years was acrylic and oil paintings with strong 3-D elements, and free-standing sculpture.

I created mosaics for over thirteen years and have been fascinated with the depth of color, texture and form. There are endless uses of materials to obtain a variety of transformations within this medium. I've fused glass, embedded metals, cut marble and granite to create fountains, sculptures and furniture.

I've revived my painting interest, creating depth with texture and details that appear to glow from within. The mix of paint, sculpting medium and glazes forced me to view color in a whole new way. My compositions tend to reflect my interest in color, line, form, and movement.

I’ve created Illuminated Sculptural Paintings formed to be viewed 360° and illuminated within with LED RGB strip lighting that allow the viewer to control colors remotely. This work is an interplay between color, form and color light.

I'm not the artist that believes in creating dark, foreboding work that will mess with your psyche. There is enough of that in the world. Abstract art is extremely cerebral and the viewer may/can/could/should associate with with my work in a multidimensional ways. My compositions should provoke the viewer's attention, have relevance, provide a sense of correlation or involvement and, if it cannot do any of that, it should at least make you smile.

I would like to believe my art will transcend time and each generation will see something new and relevant to their own era, a style that will look as fresh tomorrow as it does today.

Ray Zovar

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