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Artist's Statement

Understanding abstract art is like trying to explain how jazz is created.

My work is similar to music. Compositions are arranged with balanced instrumentation. Incongruous members comprise the whole. The overlapping layers create a rhythm that moves throughout each piece - creating timbre, resonance and depth, or adaption and/or disassociation. This thread moves throughout my art, sometimes boldly, sometimes subtly. The Jazz reference is to it's creation. The rhythmic changes, the pace, the timbre.

Subconsciously, the viewer should be taken from a point of observing to that of assimilating. And as a participant of the painting, you position yourself in a familiar environment, among your collective. You assume your roll and began to create the narrative.

One could say the various layers, compartments and intersections reflect the complexities of our lives; such as optimism, obscurity, achievements, disappointments, rationality, happiness, relationships, etc.

And one could surmise that within the compartments, structure is contrasted with confusion to accent a dichotomy between harmony and conflicts, spirituality and absurdity, sparkle and vapidity. And through the folds and curtains we search for a balance between our self-imposed chains and our freedoms, our walls, and our windows, our knowledge, and reliance - our grounding.

Some could also say the reflective quality exemplifies our continuous self discovery; by asking the viewer to examine our differences, in a different light, from different perspectives. But then, showing through the layers, is our sameness. Like a gleaming metallic thread that connects us all - a conduit of equality.

I do say however, I see my work referencing our coexistence as an abstraction. And this must be, because all of life is an abstraction. We measure this with time. It becomes history. We determine eras and decades. We can also see our growth, our innovations, our civility and/or mistakes. But we can make changes if we choose. Our roles will determine order or confusion. This is a choice.

Participate in the painting. Take it to the next level. Become part of the art. Make the image large and stare very hard. Find yourself within the art. If you look real hard, you ARE in there. Then this will become you. It will be your very own interpretation of this moment in life. You will have created your own reality, maybe your destiny. So please choose wisely - for the sake of us all.

Ray Zovar - artist, visual illusionist

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