Luminous Sculptures


Luxuriate in a mesmerizing experience that you control to suit your needs.

One touch, and the play of color, light and shadow reveals whatever you desire.​

Ambience, background, conversation, meditation . . . illuminate the possibilities!​

The concept of a 360° painting intrigued me but had its challenges.  A cylindrical painting would be fascinating, but the biggest issue was the size of the cylinder in relation to an abstract expressionist composition: the viewer only sees half of the painting at a time.

This made it critical to assure compositional continuity, to maintain a relationship with every viewing angle.  I wanted my creation to present a new painting with each step around it.

I first tried using sunlight to infuse life into the paintings.  Then I tried using a base light, which added luminosity.  Finally, I incorporated RGB (red-green-blue) LED strip lights within each piece. That changed the painting’s composition.  (For instance, red light with red paint could push the design into the background.)  Opacity and transparency became additional factors.

The result is a 360° illusionary, abstract, one-of-a-kind interplay of color and light.  Remote-controlled LEDs change the look, color and intensity of the piece at your whim. The light can be brighter or darker and change colors faster or slower.

All creations are acrylic mixed-media paintings on fabric, under resin, on fiberglass forms, with LED strip lighting that is controlled remotely.  These are suitable for indoor or protected outdoor installation in most climates.  The LEDs have a life expectancy of 50,000 hours; power draw is approximately 30 watts.