The Artist

My art is essentially me. It can result from seeing a form or design from every angle, all at once, then dissecting, then superimposing. In my mind, I see each element as a translucent layer, partially obscuring other layers and forms.

I’ve always been fascinated by and worked with three-dimensional art. My first memory of creating art was sculpting, drawing, and painting in grade-school classes. I was awed by the dioramas in the Milwaukee Public Museum, my favorite urban playground.

Along with creating free-standing and wall-mounted sculptures, much of my work over the next 30 years as an abstract artist was comprised of oil and acrylic paintings with heavy impasto and strong 3D multimedia canvases.

I moved to mosaics for about 13 years: water fountains, sculptures, furniture, architectural pieces. I was fascinated with the depth of color, texture and form this tactile medium presents. The materials—fused glass, metals, marble, porcelain tile, natural stone, exotic woods, and more—are infinite, as are the possibilities.

In 2013, I began creating my 360° sculptural Illuminations. The abstract paintings are composed with a focus on depth, texture, and details that glow from within. Exploring combinations of paint, sculpting medium, and glazes has forced me to view color, line, form, light, and movement with fresh eyes.

To me, abstract art is a manifestation of imagination in its purest, most basic form. It emerges as the visual result of artistic intention. Creativity is a wave of energy, driving me to generate something from within. We need the unparalleled power of art to express our feelings.


Understanding abstract art is like understanding jazz. Abstract artists and jazz musicians compose unique expressions of creative energy by combining their spontaneity, individuality, and expertise to produce rhythmic changes in their art.

Incongruous members comprise the whole, yet compositions balance. Overlapping layers ebb and flow, creating pace, resonance, and depth. Confusion contrasts with structure, mirroring dichotomy. Compartments, layers, and intersections reflect life’s complexities. I weave these threads into my art, honoring the balance we seek amid what we know, feel, sense, and dream in our need to create a sense of order according to our experiences and choices.

My art presents coexistence as an abstraction. I invite my audience to examine perceived differences from various perspectives and then to recognize a sameness, a grounding. I encourage viewers to take the experience beyond observation and participate in the art.

All art presents opportunities for self-discovery. Fill your eyes and open your mind. Embrace your collective narrative. Find yourself within the art and reveal your truth. Experience fully the emotions that art evokes. It’s your solo; create the riff, and share it.